• March 27, 2022
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Learn on creating faction servers on Minecraft

Minecraft Factions has proven to be one of the most popular multiplayer game modes since its inception over ten years ago.

Factions servers will play slightly differently from one another in terms of gameplay. The basic idea is that players spawn inside a massive PvP-enabled world and form their factions. Get the Best Faction Servers Minecraft.

What are factions?

  • Faction is a Bukkit plugin that introduces the concept of a Team Base to the game. One can go to war with an enemy, build epic bases, and collaborate to become powerful with Factions.
  • Factions can be thought of as Clans. It’s a group of people who play PvP and Survival together. Whether it’s fighting an enemy or gathering materials for a base, there’s always something to do.

Creating factions

  • Think of a name
  • Make the faction
  • Inviting people
  • Faction rules
  • Find a base
  • Claiming land

How to play faction servers?

Minecraft should be installed on the computer to play Minecraft faction Servers. After that, open Minecraft and go to Servers and add a server. Then select theBest Faction Servers Minecraft that wants to play from our website, click add server, and type in the server IP address. After that, have fun playing Minecraft on the server.

Other people can’t build or break anything on the land when claimed for a base in Factions. Instead, they must use unconventional methods such as creepers, TNT cannons, Withers, and other unconventional methods to gain entry.

Several servers have a store where you can purchase various items. Another way to get good loot is through loot crates. Because Factions is heavily PvP based, try to get good armor and tools.