• April 8, 2022

What is The Difference Betweena Calling Card And a Business Card?

Perhaps the most common misconception that the average layman has about things like business cards is that they are meant for the people whose name is on them rather than the business that said person actually belongs to in an employment or perhaps partnership capacity. Suffice it to say that while business cards have people’s names displayed on them relatively clearly, their main goal is not for personal career growth but rather to advance the interests of the business although career growth can also be attained by deploying business cards strategy despite that not being their primary purpose.

At the end of the day, if you hand someone a metal cards, you are basically trying to make the company that you work for or have a stake in grow to the point where it will become a truly dominant global entity. This is the foremost difference between business cards and calling cards. The latter is meant more for the individual by containing their personal contact info without really making any mention of any and all employment processes they are currently involving themselves in.

You should get a calling card if you are a freelancer such as a plumber who does not work for anyone or a lawyer that is not employed at a firm. However, if you end up getting an actual job that has a fixed salary and benefits, you might want to upgrade to a business card. This will make you seem more professional in lots of ways and it will allow people to better contextualize the various things that you are saying to them by taking your employer into account.