• October 7, 2021
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The Quick and Easy Way to Remove Window Tint with a Hair Dryer

Removing tints with a hairdryer is safe because you don’t have to worry about cutting your skin and causing yourself pain and blood loss (none of which would be fun). Visit our website for more info and try this method first if you want to save money and not deal with an irritated person who has just cut their hand.

Window Tint Removal Process

To successfully remove car window tint using only a hairdryer, the front windshield must be done first.

Step 1

Use your fingers or a small plastic squeegee (often included in automotive touch-up kits) to lift up an edge of the film from the inside top corner of the windshield. Pull off about three inches worth of tinting film and cut it away from any adhesives using your utility knife. If there is any glue left after peeling the tinting film away, use an adhesive remover to clean it off.

Step 2

Position your hairdryer about ten inches from the window and aim the hot air onto the area you are working on. Move the hairdryer back and forth across the surface for about three minutes until you can peel away large sections of the window tint.

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Step 3

Once all of one section has been removed, move down to a lower corner or side of car windows and keep heating them up until they are free.

Step 4

To remove any leftover residue, cover it with adhesive remover, wait 10 minutes, then rub at it with a cotton cloth or rag soaked in mineral spirits or turpentine. Finish by using two clean dry cotton cloths to buff away any adhesive remover residue.

Why use a hairdryer?

Not all car window tints can be removed using this method, but if you’re lucky and the glue is not too strong and your glass is not curved (most modern windows are) then there should be enough heat to soften up the adhesive. Once you’ve loosened one area it’s easy to pull down the film.

Car Window Tint Removal Tips

Don’t try to use a hairdryer without removing the interior door panel first; otherwise, you may accidentally burn your hands or the upholstery on the inside of your car as you work.